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By Kineticmind
You also have to remember why you aren't seeing permits yet. You have to understand how easy that conversion is from a construction standpoint.

The sidewalks that are there for Dinos could/will very easily be converted to roadways, in a way. If you use the same path, you are halfway there with an extremely small investment. I agree it would be awesome if something went over the autos, but only time will tell on that one.

As for the conversion, sure they would have to widen and or narrow the paths in places, but that's a rather easy transition. No reason the autos won't use a majority of that path. Bottom line, there really isn't much to the conversion. It's also possible that only some of that land is for autos. That was never brought up.

Personally I have mixed feelings on the entire thing, as there is SO MUCH land there, but it is what it is at this time. I really wish this wasn't the direction of how to handle that much land. I'd much rather see just about anything else use that acreage, but at the end of the day, families drive attendance. It's an important flat that we lost, and now obviously need.

During the confirmation, questions about some of the other rumors were brought up, and immediately shot down. Shot down either because they hold water, or because it's more of a "not yet" for the announcements. We did NOT attempt to bring up rapids during these conversations even though we discussed the already announced items, such as the mat ride, parade, etcetera.

Folks who represent other sites (yes, plural) were privy to this information. You may notice that they have yet to comment on this thread. Yes, they are CC members. So yes, I'm terribly sorry to be the messenger on this one, as it's not what any of us in the group really wanted to hear.
By Edwardo
You’re not seeing permits yet because they would have announced a big new attraction for 2020 when they announced all the other new rides.

If the park is adding in a new car ride, it ain’t coming next year...
By hikernut79
RollerBee wrote:
fishels wrote:This sounds incredibly disappointing, so unfortunately I’m leaning towards it being true.

Not based on anything of course. Just trying to get ahead of my disappointment .

So much space over there....

I don’t believe this rumor but look how small of an area the Antique Autos takes at KI. If this is true it might be part of a larger project.
This is why I'm not getting all bent out of shape on this even if it turns out to be true. They can add the cars to the end of the path over past Wilderness Run and it will only take up a small space with plenty of room left to put a premium custom coaster. This is good for the park adding the cars if it happens.
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By tarheel1231
Lit wrote:I hope they add antique cars but keep the dinosaurs along the path. Dinosaurs are cool.

IIRC, Carowinds/Cedar Fair never actually owned the dinosaurs, they leased them for a certain period of time. So they aren’t coming back when they go (if they’re not already gone).
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By yawetag
Lit wrote:I hope they add antique cars but keep the dinosaurs along the path. Dinosaurs are cool.

Dinos are already pulled up and gone. Noticed it from Afterburn's station this past weekend.

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