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By A-z coasters
A couple of weeks ago I went to Dollywood with some friends (one of which was scared of coasters but I changed that), and overall it was an amazing time! we got their around 11:00AM and the first thing we did was go on Lightning Rod, I did already ride it twice earlier this year but I never rode it in the front row, and with my luck, they decided to put on an extra train right when I was about to get on. We waited for another 20 minutes and got on in the front row, and I gotta say, that was just amazing. The rest of the day was great and Smoky Mountain Christmas was also great. But at the end of the night, we rode Lightning Rod 3 times (including the last ride of the night) which was absolutely amazing, and also the coaster where my friend got over his fear of roller coasters. Here are the coasters I rode and what I thought of them on that day:

Wild Eagle: Usually I like wild eagle, its usually smooth and fun. but for some reason on that day I hated it, it was because of the restraints, they were pressing down so hard on my shoulders that I could barley breath, so it went down from my 2-3rd favorite coaster in the park to my 5th (ouch).

Tennessee Tornado: I was really surprised how well the Tornado was running on that day! it was smooth and and line was a walk on.

Mystery Mine: MM was running like it always does but I was surprised how fun a night ride on it was.

Thunder Head: TH was running like a monster when I rode it! it was not as smooth as it usually is but i didn't care and I thought it was awesome.

Whistle Punk Chaser: Tbh that was a pretty terrible kiddie coaster.

Fire Chaser Express: Like mystery mine, it was running like always but also a fun night ride.

Blazing Fury(325): Meh.

And that was it! great day and i look forward to going next year!!

Please comment what you think about my trip and please correct my grammar if there is any to correct.

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