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By aron
This is a company war that will involve comparing similar rides. Put what park do you think will win and try not to be too bias.

1.Wind seeker vs Sky Screamer= sky screamer for me is just much more fun and thrilling.
2. Snoopy land's vs Bugs Bunny land's = I think the snoopy areas are better kept up and look better than the loony tune area's
3. Best woodies: EL Toro vs The Beast = this one is a given for me El Toro is just one of the best coasters in the world.
4. Inverted: Ok this one is a easy one Cedar fair has the best Inverted coasters compared to the tame Batman coaster's except for when they go backwards :lol:
5. Theming: Six Flags wins here even though there thumbing is slim their gotham city's are pretty themed compared to any cedar fair area.
6. X-Flight vs Gate Keeper: Before I rode Gate keeper i thought it would be my favorite wing but it proved me wrong and I like X better because of how compact and fast it feels compared to Gate Keeper.
7. Hyper Coasters: Nitro vs Intimidator: I just plain like Intimidator better it gives more air time and has a way better color scheme :D
8.Cleanliness: Which chain has better kept up parks? Out of all the Cedar Fair parks I have been too they are much better kept up than the six flags parks i have been to
For me I like Cedar Fair better so now u choose
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By B&M 4 Ever
1. Sky Screamer
2. Toss up IMO.
3. El toro takes the cake and the rmc remodels is what cedar fair wish they had.
4. Six Flags. BTR is more intense than any of the recent cedar fair inverts. Raptor is close. I consider it a first generation as well.
5. Six flags. Cedar fair may start out with a little theming then never fix any issues.
6. Neither, wing coasters suck IMO.
7. Hypers under 300'. Supes(bizarro) or either ROS's provide more air than any of the cedar fair b&m's or Morgans. Magnum rivals them.
8. Cedar fair is cleaner.

6-1 in Six Flags favor, I guess I hope six flags buys out cedar fair. :lol:
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By tarheel1231
aron wrote:This is a company war that will involve comparing similar rides. Put what park do you think will win and try not to be too bias.

That's not going to be easy. I mean, you're asking this question on a forum about a Cedar Fair park, there will be bias (sorry if my grammar sucks).

From what I've heard, Cedar Fair has friendlier customer service. I've went to CP in '08 and Carowinds is my home park, so that's my experience. I enjoyed both parks.

Six Flags is decent with customer service. I went to SFOG last year and I loved the staff on Acrophobia. So not all Six Flags parks have bad service. I personally think that because the parks are teen-oriented and for enthusiasts, they attract bad clientelle. So many teenagers were walking around and cursing, and most of the families stayed in one section of the park.

Cedar Fair has some of the best hypers built (Behemoth, Diamondback, Intimidator, Leviathan, Fury 325 coming). But Six Flags owns a majority of the RMC creations (NTAG, IRAT, Goliath, Medusa Steel, WC and TC coming). I've never been on an RMC, but I'd love to ride one.

Six Flags does a better job at themeing. But it is a bit redundant (8 Goliaths, I think 6 BTRs). Cedar Fair's themeing is a bit dry, but the parks do have an original feel to it.

A majority in Six Flags parks lack in flat rides. Sure, Magic Mountain has a lot of credits, but then there's just a bunch of twisted metal. It's about the same with the other parks. Heck, even Carowinds has more flat rides than most Six Flags parks. Cedar Fair has the variety that Six Flags doesn't.

When you get down to it though, Herschend wins. :mrgreen:
By Edwardo
I read the words 'tame Batman coasters' and realized the thread was invalid. The Batmen clones are highly regarded as being intense. I've ridden all but 4 of them and never have they been tame.
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By aron
Well compared to banshees bat man stinks and I'm sorry you think its invalid but opinions can't be invalid :lol:
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By cwgator
Someone is stealing topics from TPR......

Anyways Cedar Fair is better from my experience. I've only been to SFOG and when I compare it to Carowinds and King's Dominion, I find CF parks to be better.
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By B&M 4 Ever
aron wrote:Well compared to banshees bat man stinks and I'm sorry you think its invalid but opinions can't be invalid :lol:

If banshee did not have a first drop into a immelman, than two more immelmans after the vertical loop through the lift hill it would have been pretty good. They could have utilized the extra speed dropping down into the ravine than a pair of Immelmans IMO.

BTR is the most intense invert of all time.
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By B&M 4 Ever
lanigan911 wrote:CF, for the simple reason that they seem to actually realize that there are bigger people out there that like to ride things.

CP has three coasters that comes to mind where walk of shames are an everyday thing. Millennium, TTD, Wicked Twister.
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By Jonathan
BTR is the most intense invert of all time.

I would say Nemesis is more intense, but the Batman clones are probably next on the list.
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By aron
Im not stealing topics from TPR and TPR is a filled with coaster criminals anyway and this was for you too make your answers for what u thought you guys weren't supposed to bash me about my opinions
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By Merthecat
I've never been to Six Flags so this will be somewhat partial...

1.Wind seeker
2. Snoopy land's
3. The Beast
4. Afterburn
5. Cedar Fair
6. Gate Keeper:
7. Intimidator:
8. Cedar Fair
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By coasterbruh
Is it a crime to like both chains for what they are worth? Do I have to pick one? In that case...Universal parks.
By Tawny71
coasterbruh wrote:Is it a crime to like both chains for what they are worth? Do I have to pick one?

Yes! Don't you know in today's world, loving one thing means hating everything that is not the thing you love? (That's one of my biggest issues with our culture....)

I like Cedar Fair. I like Six Flags. I like Universal Parks. I like Busch Gardens parks. I like Herschend Family Entertainment parks. I pretty much just like amusement parks. I think they all have good points and lots of them have bad points, but I can find something I like pretty much everywhere.

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