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coasteraddict wrote:
DarK Ei8ht wrote:I can't believe the speculation is over now. Its been a fun ride.

While tomorrow will be a big day for Carowinds, I am curious which Cedar Fair park will be next for a major announcement. Sure, CP will have something coming for next year, but most do not see it as a HUGE announcement. With that said, which CF park will have the biggest announcement for 2016 (this time next year)? Will it be time for KD? CP? Another CF park - maybe out west?

Kings Dominion, they haven't gotten a new coaster since 2010, at least that's what I'm expecting.
coasterfreak wrote:When I see giant pieces of steel protruding 300+ feet from the ground, I won't care at all what color they are!

Bright orange wouldn't be to bad actually. That would tie into the old hornets' logo color scheme tho. lol Teal Purple and Orange. :shifty:
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what happened there. I think there must have been some sort of problem with the logging software that bridged June into July, because while I don't doubt there wasn't huge traffic then, I don't think it could have been that low.
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