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By jay71400
Post here all things you think may be coming for scarowinds 2013, Or ideas you have for scarowinds.

First of all I hope this is a banner year for scarowinds, The past 2 to 3 years scarowinds has not been over the top. we're no Halloween Horror Nights but I expect some GOOD new mazes (fury wasnt impressive although it did improve in 2012), And a scare zone replacement. Old mazes like dead inn just need to be replaced, their just taking up space. I do think Scarowinds has really good scarezones but they're starting to get old, I would like an "official" clown zone (county fair is having an identity crisis at scarowinds), and a steampunk vampire zone. These are just my ideas, put your own below. Thanks!
By hdmech
Scarowinds does need a bigger overhaul. I would like to see at least two new mazes this year (oneto replace camp killauee, and the other to account for the lack of maze that they advertised last year that didn't come). I also honestly think that the scare actors should be more plentiful this year (both on the walk ways and in the mazes). Quite honestly, the issue is that fatigue is setting into the actors and therefore they aren't as energetic as the season goes later and later (which, by the way is when scarowinds gets the most crowded). I think more carowinds needs a better system to get kids picked up more quickly than the catastrophe that is in place right now. I'd just open up a road to the south gate or something easier....

anywho, thats my 2 cents
By will1313
Real chainsaws, more strobe lights, more fog in the mazes, more camouflage actors, and last but not least make the mazes a little darker and hard to see. Adds more to the scare and surprise factor if you ask me. If they bring back Camp Killauee make it how it was when it first opened. That one year it first opened it actually scary, especially the end where it was really dark.
By jay71400
Sadly camp killaue is proably gone, one of the grove picnic shelters can be used as a maze and the arcade too ( im praying for the removal of dead inn). More characters are needed as well.
By hdmech
Ok so recently I was at the park and noticed the construction of a facade right in between conra and the wings resteraunt. This is what it looks like so far...
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