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By arby
This discussion board has been quite lately so I thought I'd try to get some chatter going.

Does anybody have any legitimate speculation of what might be coming to Carowinds in 2012? With Coaster Con being here 6/21 - 6/22/2012 I would think they would have something new planned.

Every time I go to the park I've been keeping my eye open for anything suspicious but haven't seen anything yet.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
I would same some type of flat ride. With a lot of the other Cedar Fair parks getting the windseeker, I could see us getting a flat ride or thrill ride of some sort... Hopefully replacing the YO YO thing... :lol: I dont see anything to MAJOR happening and I doubt a coaster will be in store for 2012, but I do think a flat would be likely. Hopefully they will actually start with the pavers as well, since apparently that didnt happen for this season...
By Picklesthedrummer
Not sure if this will be next year, but I know the next coaster will be a B&M floorless, most likely replacing the parking lot next to Thunder Road. I have talked to the GM of the park Bart :wink:
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By intimidator rider
I have heard of a new coaster coming called Screaming Demon I don't know if this is true or not but no one will know intil it happens
I honestly don't see a coaster for 2012. We just recieved two in 2009 & 2010.
For 2012, I can see a chance-morgan Revolution or a Zamperla Discovery 30 in front of Intimidator.

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I would prefer the Zamperla Discovery because its like Maxair. :? Besides, many of the other Cedar Fair Parks have the chancemorgan Revolution rides. :
Also, they can throw in a frog hopper in Planet Snoopy for the kiddies. :wink: Would be nice. But I guess we will have to wait and see.
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By arby
A few more flat rides would certainly be a nice touch. I am personally hoping for something to replace the log flume they took out. Log flumes are my favorite rides second only to coasters.
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By CoasterDad
I would LOVE to see one of those 40-capacity Zamperla Discovery rides by Intimidator, but I believe we're whistlin' dixie on that. Logically speaking, CF has more that likely signed a contract for a windseeker at each of its major parks and we could get ours next year. As for coasters, management already alluded to the next BIG something coming for the 40th anniversary in 2014 - that will be our next significant coaster... I think we will have to anticipate something great in coasters for Dollywood next year for the ACE event... and there is always that new launch coaster ordered for BGW next year to look forward to...
By hdmech
I know I have pointed this out once before, but I don't see the speculation about the windseeker replacing yo-yo. It seems as though the windseeker needs a bigger radius in that area, and if they did do that, it would be way too close for comfort by afterburn. They also wouldn't put it in the Carolina skytowers area because that is waaaaayyyyyy too historic. So I don't really know where they would put windseeker but we will just have to play it by I guess.
By hdmech
In my opinion they need to change the action theater movie.....or at least put a sign telling guests that its a SpongeBob movie, because I think they don't even let the guests know that its a SpongeBob movie.
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