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By yawetag
RollerBee wrote:
Rabidfrog wrote:So it will be seated coaster next year?

The KI Vortex is an Arrow Mega Looper.

was an Arrow Mega Looper.

Rabidfrog, these trains are similar to the ones on Carolina Cyclone. Most likely, we got the trains to help with maintenance on our trains, which gives some ease to those who thought Carolina Cyclone was on the chopping block as well.
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By cwgator
Capler wrote:For some reason I was thinking Fire Hawk's trains. Oh well, the more the merry, I guess.

One of those is onsite as well.
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By coasterbruh
Same as 2019 UNLESS you went from gold to plat or vice versa. It requires a new card that can be done at the entrance kiosk.
By Glitch99
sorashaun wrote:
CoasterAddict11 wrote:News is going around that South Carolina could be switching to Daylight Savings Time permanently this year pending federal approval. If enacted, I wonder how this would affect the time at Carowinds. :think: ... e=facebook

I’m sure it won’t affect it at all as the park on paper is a North Carolina park.

I'll believe it when it actually happens. But there would be an effect, in that their customers will constantly screwing up which 10AM the park opens, or thinking they still have an hour left when the park is closing (not that it should be difficult, but you know people....). But the way they're supposedly doing it, will only really be applicable to the first month of the spring and winterfest, anyways.
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