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By Capler
I can't envision a parade route through the park that can accommodate good sized floats. Save for the Entry Plaza, Thrill Zone, County Fair/Junction, and perhaps Boardwalk, the place seems a little congested to me. Maybe they plan to move some things to clear a path. What do you think? Perhaps, I'm not seeing the forest because of the trees. Oh wait, this is Carowinds I'm talking about. There is no forest, no lake, no mountain, no beach,...All we have is wind, which is really exciting, if you ask me. :sarcasm: Charlotte was so rural back in 1970, how on earth did we end up with a park void of natural features? In all fairness, they did give us a man made river, but we all know how that ended.
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By pproteinc
I’m thinking they’ll use the original path of the original peace Carowinds has in the 70s and 80s. If you walk on the main midway towards the arbor cave you’ll see yellow street lines that turn into the back service road near Rip Roaring Rapids.
By Cameron
They can't use the old route to HH. The bathrooms are double the size now. There is a gate to the service road still but 1. That's now an extremely tight corner and 2. They won't fit under intimidator.

More than likely this will be the route.
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By pproteinc
What I’m hearing the route could be one of two. The first coming out where the greenhouses are near the exit of cyclone through thrill zone, carousel park and ending at the service road in between Harmony all and the bathrooms or vice versa. The second would basically around the park through each section. If the second route is true then they will be removing the hanging lights in the boardwalk and county fair sections. However they have started removing and lifting the roof to the arbor tunnel about 5 or 6ft to accommodate the floats.
By RollerBee

Photo Credit: Carowinds Fans Only
coasterbruh wrote:Those floats aren't gonna go through the arbor . . .

Are you about that? They are working on the Arbor for a reason and from the pictures I seen the middle section was raised.
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By pproteinc
Thanks fellas!! For some reason phone wouldn’t allow me to upload photos. I gave up after 10 attempts.

Edit/ They’ve already removed the overhead lights in County Fair. I more so think that was to get the ship and other Scarowinds props for the scarezone in place.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
No problem :) Yea I always had problems uploading from my phone too.

As far as width wise, looking at Carnivale at Kings Island videos, the floats really don't seem that wide. Which, this might just be the Christmas parade that runs under this I am not sure. I know there is white tape markings from near Cyclone over to the swarm game near scream weaver, you can easily tell its for the parade, I would assume the winterfest one....


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