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By tarheel1231
The website for Big Rivers Water Park has gone live: http://bigriverswaterpark.com

Construction update as of September 2017:

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By MarkD
I went by Grand Texas on 9-15-17 and took a few pictures of the RV park, Raceway and Empty land that is to be Grand Texas Park. There was nothing to see really as the drone videos show.

According to the local news all the "underground" work is complete and the Water Park should start above construction in a month or so.

You can see my pictures here : https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtlHqTe1z5vQkrYpJWb4i36Sp7Ke8Q

On a side note a Big Texan came out and asked what I was doing in the RV park without a sticker on my window. LOL.
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By FamousAmos
Where are the RV sites in relation to that?
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By tarheel1231
http://www.kvue.com/article/features/80 ... -528450695

Pretty good article detailing the current state of development for the park.

This map shows the entire waterpark/adventure park complex.

https://www.chron.com/neighborhood/clev ... 434005.php
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By tarheel1231

Big Rivers construction progress as of April 6, 2018. Gator Splash, Polliwog Puddle, and Hatchling Hill areas with the landing and walkway have been poured. Cabana framing has begun as we start placing locations for our rental cabanas throughout the park. The entryway building now has a path and walkway poured with the location of a water feature to come soon. Finally, our restaurant framing and outer supports have gone up.

From the video it appears they've begun construction on the wave pool as well.

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