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By Chris
Chris wrote:Wood
1. Lightning Rod
2. Mystic Timbers
3. El Toro
4. Lightning Racer
5. Thunderhead
6. Wild One
7. Grizzly
8. Dania Beach Hurricane
9. Beast
10. Cannon Ball

1. Fury 325
2. Skyrush
3. Storm Runner
4. Maverick
5. Magnum XL-200
6. Millennium Force
7. Intimidator 305
8. Superman - Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)
9. Mind Bender (Six Flags Over Georgia)
10. Bat

A little has changed in the last year so here's an update...

1. Fury 325
2. Twisted Timbers
3. Skyrush
4. Magnum XL-200
5. Storm Runner
6. Maverick
7. Superman - Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)
8. Millennium Force
9. Bat
10. Afterburn

1. Lightning Rod
2. Mystic Timbers
3. Lightning Racer
4. Thunderhead
5. El Toro
6. Wild One
7. Grizzly
8. Georgia Cyclone
9. Dania Beach Hurricane
10a. Cannon Ball
10b. Beast
By CCookieMonster
My coaster count is pretty low as I've only ridden 36 so far (I know, I'm just a teenager and I can't drive yet so stop laughing). But I've ridden enough to know that Intimidator being better than NIGHTHAWK and Afterburn is just a fact.
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By FamousAmos
my coaster count is only at 53 so far. Fun fact, I liked Space Mountain a lot more than I thought I would.
By Edwardo
I might update mine after memorial day when I’ve ridden Steel Vengeance and Mystic Timbers.
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By FamousAmos
I finally got to ride Rock N' Roller Coaster the other day. It was a LOT smoother than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed it.
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By aoriole19
Am I the only one who finds it basically impossible to rank coasters? My count is 163. I always have trouble picking an overall favorite roller coaster but if people ask me I usually say either The Beast, Intimidator, or Maverick.

Just for fun, one roller coaster that I absolutely love (maybe top 10 worthy??) is Ragin' Cajun at SFA! This may be even more controversial than Nighthawk haha. I think it's the only spinning wild mouse coaster I've ever been on but I just thought it was so much fun.
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By RW_Fury325
My Top 5 changes all the time, based on different experiences I have on rides. My Top 5 is extremely basic though, with rides like Steel Vengeance, Fury, Twisted Timbers, Voyage, Lightning Rod in there.
By Atombomb
We should do favorite roller coasters by manufacturer

Arrow dynamics- Magnum
B&M- Fury 325
Intamin- Maverick
Mack- Cobras Curse
Gerstlauer- Mystery Mine
RMC- Twisted Timbers
Vekoma - Fire Hawk
Premiere- Tempesto
GCI- Mystic Timbers
Maurer- Laugh trakk
Gravity Group- N/a
PTC- Swamp Fox
Zeirer- Verbolton
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By Jonathan
That's a fun idea. I added a few more companies to the list.

Arrow - Magnum
B&M - Fury 325
Intamin - T-Express
Mack - Helix
Gerstlauer- Gekion Live Coaster
RMC- Lightning Rod
Vekoma - Expedition Everest
Premier - Revenge of the Mummy
GCI - Mystic Timbers
Maurer - Crush's Coaster
Gravity Group - The Voyage
CCI - Boulder Dash
PTC - Phoenix
Zierer - Lisebergbanan
Schwarzkopf - Mind Bender
Morgan - Phantom's Revenge
Dinn Corporation - Georgia Cyclone
Togo - Roller Coaster (Hanayashiki)
Zamperla - Pony Express
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By cwgator
By Manufacturer:

Arrow: Loch Ness Monster
B&M: Fury 325
CCI: Cheetah (Wild Adventures)*
Dinn: Georgia Cyclone*
E&F Miler: Viking Voyage
Fajume: Wacky Worm (Adventure Landing) :lol:
Gerstlauer: Mystery Mine
Gravity Group: Mine Blower*
GCI: Thunderhead
Intamin: Cheetah Hunt
ICI: Hurler (Carowinds)
L&T Systems: Sideshow Spin* :lol:
Mack: Cobra's Curse
Maurer Söhne: Go Bananas (Wild Adventures)*
PTC: Great American Scream Machine
Premier: Flight Of Fear (KD)
Schwarzkopf: Mind Bender (SFOG)
Setpoint: Flying Super Saturator*
Togo: Shockwave (KD)*
Vekoma: Expedition Everest
Wisdom: Tasmanian Tiger* :lol:
Zamperla: Rockstar Coaster*
Zierer: Shamu Express :lol:

*indicates I've only ridden one from that manufacturer to date

I'll be finally going to Cedar Point, Kings Island and Kentucky Kingdom in a few weeks, so many of these will likely change, with the addition of my first (& 2nd) RMC and Chance coasters.
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By RW_Fury325
Here's mine!

Arrow - Magnum
B&M - Fury 325
Intamin - Maverick
Mack - Manta
Gerstlauer- Mystery Mine
RMC- Steel Vengeance
Vekoma - Expedition Everest
Premier - Tempesto
GCI - Mystic Timbers
Maurer - Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
Gravity Group - Voyage
PTC - Phoenix
Zierer - Impulse
Schwarzkopf - Mind Bender
Morgan - Steel Force
Dinn Corporation - Georgia Cyclone
Togo - Shockwave
Zamperla - Pony Express
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By mdsmith98
Edwardo wrote:After tonite Steel Vengeance is the only coaster that matters.


I still need to get on that. I have heard nothing but fantastic things about it. I am most likely making a trip up to Kings Island and Cedar Point in July, so I should be able to experience it then.

Steel Vengeance looks absolutely insane, and I can't wait to catch a ride on it.
By Panthersfan43
1 steel vengeance
2 fury 325
3 intimidator 305
4 twisted Timbers
5 maverick
6 mileinuum force
7 mystic Timbers
8 top thrill dragster
9 banshee
10 dimoandback
Note I only have ridden 51 coasters

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