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RollerBee wrote:
arby wrote:A new log flume now costs about the same amount as Fury.

Very unlikely. How many small parks over the years could have afforded a (adijusted for inflation) $30 million dollar log flume.

You cant assume straight-line inflation. It could've easily been much cheaper in the past, and only spiked relatively recently.

But regardless, I'm guessing there's also quite a difference between what you **can** build a basic flume ride for, and what it costs to build one commiserate with a park like Carowinds. They're not going to build one just so they can say they have one, it would be something that dresses up nice and can be highlighted as a centerpiece. And that's a lot more substantial than most random small parks have.
Possibly Dollywood, but I don't ever recall going there in my teen years. Maybe it's FSS, but with a 2000 start year, it's later in my life than I remember this ride. It would have been 1996-1998.

I'll do more research on FSS to see, though.

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