General Carowinds discussion
tarheel1231 wrote:Carolina Cyclone turns 40 next year, so I’m thinking they’re going to have a celebration for it like they did for Afterburn. Maybe it gets repainted? I figure that the paint job is probably due for an update, and this year gives them a perfect excuse.

Same paint job, or just a re paint? I’m split between a different paint job and keeping the current one. I hope they have a good celebration considering it’s been 40 years. First coaster with 4 inversions too! Can’t wait to see what will happen.
coasterbruh wrote:I don't think they will be identical in length as they are very different in layout. Also, one has 4 lanes and the other has 6.

That make sense, but Carowinds was so vague compared to Oceans of Fun besides the longest mat racer in the __________!! and the rough height of the platform. It is exciting to know that our mat racer will only be a bit shorter than the HersheyPark slide, which is amazingly fun to ride.

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