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ThatCoasterNerd wrote:Well I just got back from Funtasticks, and they actually let me ride Miner Mike for free! Place feels kinda run down, and I feel like Funtasticks won’t be owning it for long. That place can’t seem to keep an owner for more than a couple years.

Most small FECs constantly change owners similar to hotels and gas stations.

I’ve seen some of those places be held by the same owner for years on end (Ex. Fun Fore All in Cranberry, PA). All I’m saying is that Funtasticks feels super run down and kinda creepy.

To be fair, it has literally been there since the late eighties or so without a major facelift.
Might be jumping the gun a bit here since Jarsh hasn't posted yet and the flyer doesn't seem ready yet -- but anyone planning on going this year on September 7? I'm planning on coming down for it and probably dragging a family member or friend from high school. It's sort of rough timing for me because it's during a really busy time at work but I will survive lol.
Nah. That's HHN opening weekend and ya know, Killer Klowns from Outter Space, Ghostbusters, Strangers Things and much other things are hard to pass up lol.
Event flyer is forthcoming pending the morning ERT coaster approval. Registration is open though so head over to and register online.
Yes!! I won a Goldrusher wheel!! And Fury ERT was great. Riding it 8-9 times was enough to take me out of commission and I skipped the last 15 mins. I guess I’m just getting older LOL
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