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I was looking forward to seeing you this year.

But I'm excited to see all of you peeps. I see you guys like maybe once a year if that.


Would any of you guys like to get together the night before for dinner somewhere in Charlotte?
Today is the last day to register for our #CarolinaCoasterClassic next Saturday at Carowinds! You've got until 11:59pm (ET) tonight to get signed up!

We've got a full day of fun planned for attendees with morning ERT in County Fair, reserved seating for Cirque Imagine, a Behind-The-Scenes warehouse tour, a great meal, ITOT's, and a full hour of night ERT on Fury 325!

Register here: ... r-classic/
Would any of you like to get together tonight and eat dinner somewhere?

Also, for all of the CC members at the event tomorrow, you guys wanna have a small "meet-up" and take a photo or something?
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