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By Jarsh
I had considered it, but I thought it would be a discredit to Max since he came up with the original Carolina Coaster Classic name and the C3 moniker it took on later on.

I'm torn between wanting to honor him by renaming it permanently and wanting to stick with his original intentions. In the end I'll probably merge the two into something along the lines of Carolina Coaster Classic, A Max Cannon Memorial Event or something like that.

Regardless of the event name, we will have the Max Cannon Memorial Lap on Intimidator, with an empty front seat in his honor, as long as I'm in charge.
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By FamousAmos
I guess, Josh. If it were possible, we could have tee shirts made in remembrance of him for every year. Like this year, it would have a design on it and say "I remembrance of Max Cannon. We'll never forget you". If need be, the price of the event could be raised slightly to allow for each attendee to get a tee shirt. I don't know, I'm just throwing some ideas out there.
Maybe we could do a special Match Game in his honor too. I don't know.
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By Jarsh
If someone wants to do tshirts, that'll be on their own dime. With the event cost as high as it is, anything that adds to the event price (aside from park related things) isn't a good idea.

I do plan on doing a Match Game this year, but when and where will be decided once we start creating the schedule and see if there is time (and a place!).
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By Jarsh
I thought about that and I thought it would be cool to play off of the E=MC2 formula (but with E=MC3 obviously) for it but that's just one of the thoughts that passed through my crowded mind...
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By coasterbruh
With this date I can finally attend again and it wont have to lose out to the opening of Halloween Horror Nights!!!
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By Wormy
FamousAmos wrote:If it were possible, we could have tee shirts made in remembrance of him for every year.

Alan still has some buttons made that we were wearing in his honor at WWU. Did you not get one?

I think it’s safe to say Max would not have wanted tees made. At least nothing that could be worn in public. :)
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By coasterbruh
FamousAmos wrote:Yeah, I've got one. I wear it every Friday along with a lime green shirt in memory of Max.

OMG!!! you too!
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