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By fonzlinney
I was at the park today and rode fury four times and the last 3 times in the latter part of the day and it was certainly much faster especially on train 2. Glad fury won top steel coaster again this year but from what I’m hearing steel vengeance may take the top spot next year I hope to get up to ride steel vengeance but it has been a wonderful honor for three years to have Fury top steel coaster.
Just rode Steel Vengeance two weeks ago, and it wouldn't surprise me if it takes #1 next year. It just has so many wild elements, relentless airtime, and crazy interaction with the structure itself. I have a really tough time comparing it to Fury, since they're two completely different experiences. But I think Fury still edges it out for me. The combination of speed and gracefulness and speed and beauty and speed (and that turnaround)!

But Maverick is still my #1. Here's to hoping Copperhead Strike is Carowinds' Maverick.
Dont let any Cedar Point fan boys see this. Steel Vengeance is god and is the greatest ride on earth. I admit i have not rode it but I have rode other RMC they are fun but its just not the same feeling as Fury
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By Chris
tarheel1231 wrote:At least we'll win best new ride next season!

If that happens, it's been a pretty impressive 5 years for Carowinds at the Golden Ticket Awards.

2015: Best New Coaster (Fury 325)
2016: Best Steel Coaster (Fury 325)
2017: Best Steel Coaster (Fury 325)
2018: Best Steel Coaster (Fury 325)
2019: Best New Coaster (Copperhead Strike)
Highly doubt it, considering the GTA’s voting style I’m sure it’ll be between Copperhead, Harry Potter Intamin, or Steel Curtain could be a dark horse if it gets a lot of praise. Also Kennywood and Carowinds have both done a good job at hyping people up and keeping everyone updated on these rides as well, WCR has been a field of dirt for months and don’t believe it will be as remembered like the others by end of this season.
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By gabed
Dang. Just spent the last hour or so skimming through this thread (yes the entire thing) and reminiscing. Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since all this went down and even harder to believe that in less than two months we’ll have another coaster operating in the park.
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