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Jonathan wrote:Everyone make a guess as to height, drop, speed, and length.

If Fury 325 is the name, I am going to say this bad boy will be fast and FURIOUS!!

Height: 325 ft
Drop: 320 ft
Speed: 100mph!
Length: 5,980
Bold prediction: the roller coaster will bring back the B&M old school intensity and become ranked the #1 steel coaster in the world!
carowindsman6654 wrote:
Jonathan wrote:
carowindsman6654 wrote:How many trims are gonna be on this sucker? :D :(

There...I gained you guys a page.

Leviathan has no trims. I'm gonna make a bold (and wishful) guess (and this is really a guess; I don't have any info about this) that there will be none.

I didn't realize that. Definitely bodes well for our coaster. :)

Leviathan has two on each airtime hill on the upside. They are mag trims. Visible here on the closest hill where the catwalks are. Hardly noticeable but they do slow the train a tad. ... n-DgJu.jpg
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