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coasterbruh wrote:I can understand why MF would require being that it has separate load/unload areas but don't the bins work just fine for the other coasters?

I'm unsure if CW requires lockers for its Giga, but I do know that many coasters in general at CP and KI require lockers. Heck, even Banshee will not allow fanny packs! With Carowinds not requiring any lockers for any rides (which is pretty cool), I'm curious if that will change on this giga.

The going trend for CF is for binless stations. It saves chaos in the station and increases capacity. I think it is a very good possibility we will see this same policy for the new coaster.

Also, maybe there will be a separate load/unload station here; that hasn't been confirmed or refuted.

Personally, I am hoping this giga has separate loading and unloading. That is one of the best things about MF (along with the actual ride, etc.). It makes the ride operation more efficient, even if it takes one more person to run the ride (on the unloading platform area)!
Will a mod make a poll of what we think the stats/name will be?
Jonathan wrote:Thought you guys would enjoy this one:


I guess people are a little bit excited.

Really cool Jonathan! I didn't notice you changed your profile picture. Also, I'm sure Jarsh told you all (most) of what he knows, and I'm sure you know a lot also, so do you know what we are getting for sure? Maybe you could tell us... ?
DarK Ei8ht wrote:I can't believe the speculation is over now. Its been a fun ride.

While tomorrow will be a big day for Carowinds, I am curious which Cedar Fair park will be next for a major announcement. Sure, CP will have something coming for next year, but most do not see it as a HUGE announcement. With that said, which CF park will have the biggest announcement for 2016 (this time next year)? Will it be time for KD? CP? Another CF park - maybe out west?
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