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By chknwing
heh my wish is for carowinds to get Meal Wristbands like Universal Studios has. Pay one time, eat all day.
By will1313
i wish they add another haunt..... and they wouldnt send 20 people at a time 10 or 12 is plentyy unless you have a large group
By iball
hdmech wrote:They send like 5......into killauee right?

bout 7 or 8 but it seems like just a huge line of walking slowly
By will1313
well they sent 30 people in through the assylum at once.... on non busy nights its usualy fine but some nights are ridicules
By Whitesoxsfan21
I'd really love to see some sort of launching ride come to the park in the future. Now that we have a hyper coaster, a launch coaster would be one more step to having a line up of my dreams.
By Picklesthedrummer
^This is one thing Carowinds is lacking big time. Maybe an Intamin hydraulic coaster the size of Xcelrator at Knott's Berry Farm. Hopefully with lap bars and not over the shoulder restraints.
By Picklesthedrummer
^I think I would like a hydraulic launch coaster over a ride like ispeed. The acceleration on them are just out of this world. Would prefer something along the lines of TTD but that is such a low chance of happening at Carowinds.
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By coasterbruh
Has any of you guys who want a ride like TTD ever been on a ride like TTD?
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By chknwing
I have, as long as Carowinds can fix the rollbacks that cause huge lines. I'm all for it. Personally, any Launch coaster and I would be happy.
By Picklesthedrummer
coasterbruh wrote:Has any of you guys who want a ride like TTD ever been on a ride like TTD?

Yes I have been on Top Thrill Dragster. I road it this summer in June. For me the acceleration was out of this world. I put it at my 3rd favorite coaster. I also have ridden Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm as well.
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By arby
What seems to cause the long lines more than anything else are the frequent breakdowns. While I enjoyed TTD and rode it a few times, it's essentially a one trick pony. I'd rather have a high capacity and reliable launch coaster with more elements than just a 4 second launch.
By Edwardo
Rollbacks aren't what cause the long lines, breakdowns and station setup and popularity does. Having said that, Carowinds doesn't pull the crowds that CP or GADV get at this point, so I doubt you'll see them add a Dragster clone. Not that they're likely to do that anyhow. How many accelerator coasters has Cedar Fair added since Dragster? None. How many have Six Flags added since Ka? None. Theres a reason for that.

And that's fine. I'd rather have a launched coaster with an intersting layout.

I wouldn't mind a smaller accelerator coaster like Stormrunner, but it seems as though even Intamin is leaning more towards LSMs. Thats what they used on iSpeed.
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