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Hiveminded wrote:I had no idea our flyers were from Coney Island in the 30's. Was that New York's Coney Island or another one? I only knew about Kings Island.

Definitely Coney Island in Cincinnati. It is one of King's Island's original rides when it opened. Those of us that have went to King's Island since the early days are bitter about that ride being moved to Carowinds since it was a Coney heritage ride. I think only the log flume, monster, scrambler (maybe), kiddie whip and carrousel (maybe) are the only Coney rides left at Kings Island now.
swampfox43 wrote:A brief clip of our flyers in action at Coney Island, Ohio.

Sawmpfox, that vid is awesome.
I grew up about a quarter mile from KI in the 70's and seeing that vid of the old Dodgem and Cuddle up make s me long for the old classic flats we had when the park first opened.
Now back to our regularly scheduled topic at hand :)
Glad to see the site back up again. They have started the loop, can't wait to see it finished! Station platform is also being built.
phareous wrote:I enjoyed watching those get built but something seems different with this one... I think maybe because the camera is so blurry, zoomed out so far, and the coaster is so low to the ground
The camera is definitely aggravating to say the least. Don't get me wrong I'm glad we can see what we can but it needs to be tilted up a little and I don't know what's causing it to be so blurry. Most of the time it's hard to see what the heck is even going on.
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