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John43221 wrote:^Nice!

Back on topic.... For those of you who frequently visit the park: have the footers been poured next to the parking lot yet?

Yes I do believe they have, when I was out there this past friday evening there were support footers everywhere, I didnt get a chance to get a closer look, but they are all over the place.
Wow Wormy! That shot from the Wendy's is really impressive. It gives you some idea how this thing is going to dominate the skyline and the front of the park. I'm very happy that it is up front close to the entrance and the interstate and not hidden in the back of the park in a gully. So gas is $2.28 a gallon in South Carolina.
Great pics Wormy! I wish I could go to scarowinds again tomorrow night but I am probaly going to have to wait until next week. Cant wait to get up there and take some good pix with my new camera! Thanks for all the updates.
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