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By RollerBee
Carowinds Zone has several new photos of construction. Thanks to our Photographer Sean.
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By Jonathan
By CheeseCurd626
LoL, :lol: Down she goes shoot! lol.
There are more and more flags popping up and Red marks on trees all over now like removal marks. I wonder what they are doing though. I mean ride or not, They don't remove treess and mark things for nothing? :rolleyes:

If these are preliminary marks for a new ride or not is unknown, but all hyper jokes aside.. Why would it be so uniform and in a selective area, from Thunder Road , Dodgems and White Water Falls?

When I first spotted markers there were maybe 12 a week or so ago now todays count was 30-40..

BTW Vortex got stuck like almost all day today on the lift LOL!.
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By montumax
So, is that side of TR going to be the launch or the descent?
By chargercrazy
There are 5 or 6 people viewing this topic right now. Anyhow, I'll not speculate on the construction. I don't want to get my hopes up for anything.
By CheeseCurd626
Something makes me wonder also.. Why would all the sudden markers show up this conformed?

Carowinds PR also as I remember took the day off to go to SFOG and check out goliath on media day? Is this a sign that say they were scouting new ideas?

Also why am I like the ONLY one here who's thought to look and take pictures of all this?

Tsk tsk, lol Max always throwing clues to either mislead or throw us off . What if your not though and this is true , is that why your going to let us "Stew for just a few more days" :lol:

T-road question, why the heck did they add new support structure to the lift? at the base? where there wasn't any to begin with?
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By montumax
No, the PR dept wasn't there to get new ideas. They were there to ride Goliath. After all parks are ACE members too.
By Hammer8
What could all this construction be? My money is on a brand new, luxurious, 4-star restroom with a skylight so you can watch the drop on TR while seeking relief. You heard it here first peeps!
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By CoasterDad
The construction could also represent some basic maintenance upgrades. Still, any new ride begins with just one flag or one marker... then more, etc. I know alot of you want some type of hyper coaster and what's to say it wouldn't be integrated into the park like Top Gun? Coasters integrated into a park like Top Gun, Kumba and Sheikra(BGA) are, in my opinion, even better because they blend into a park and set its atmosphere so well... maybe this will be the case with what they may be fixing to build.

Doesn't anyone in our community have access to Charlotte/Mecklenburg County building permits? If construction is beginning, there must be a permit, and generally, that is public record. I have noted that Screamscape somehow uncovers these details for other parks(CP & BGE come to mind recently) before anyone else apparently knows... maybe we have a spy in our midst?!? ;)
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By coasterbruh
The construction is for my pathway to my exclusive changing facility. it wasnt ready intime for the boombay opening so they are making sure it will be ready for next year!
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By swampfox43
CoasterDad wrote: Doesn't anyone in our community have access to Charlotte/Mecklenburg County building permits?

Is the construction in NC or SC?
By CheeseCurd626
Its on the south side.But all permits for the park are run through NC due to the offices I believe.
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By Chris
I was at the park today and saw everything. There were a bunch of "upper managment type" people walking around in groups of 3 or 4 walking around Thunder Road and the FX theater all day. The FX Theater was also closed (at least during the hour or so span we spent riding Thunder Road). Anyone know why the FX theater was closed?

Now I am going to ask something probably stupid...

What is the chance they get rid of the FX theater? It was something added by Paramount so is it too farfetched? Would they get rid of it and the arcade to make room for this new ride?
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By bgwfreak
^ I love how you assume it's a new ride.

They could be digging gas lines for all we know.
By Cephas
^I totally agree. I think this construction is too close to TR to mean anything significant. Carowinds has too much land to build rides so close together.

About the FX theater: besides the Bond movie, nothing good has gone through the FX theater (yes, DOT sucked...). I don't think any cedar fair parks have motion simulator theaters, and I wouldn't be suprised if cedar fair scrapped all the FX theaters within the next several years.
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