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By Footballteen58
Lets just keep all 2007 discussion here.
Screamscape reported today that they think a big rides coming. blah blah blah.

If carowinds gets a new big coaster for 2007 my moneys on a hyper or a Intamin Accelerator. Because those coasters fix the things Carowinds lacks Height and a launch. Oh and I meant like Storm runner not not NOT like Kingda Ka or TTD.
By coasterholic14
dude, what's your obsession with the hyper? We don't have room (not immediately accessible without a huge expansion). Plus, first, Carowinds has got to find a better land manager...the one who's done land management for Paramount (for Carowinds) has not really done a good job (look at all the landlocked areas, they could at least add some landscaping to them). My money for next year is just general improvements (through the eyes of CF), and getting a handle on the FIVE new parks. 2008 is when i might start expecting to see some small changes in rides. Chances of a hyper next year are low IMO, and Intamin Accelerator is even lower i'd say.
By charlotteguy02
I am just gonna throw this out there for what it's worth...

IF (and that's a big if) Carowinds gets a roller coaster next year it has to be Flight of Fear from Kings Dominion. That ride has been closed for the entire season and we know more wild things have happened in the way of moving coasters to Carowinds (Stealth). It is economical not only for Carowinds, but the entire chain in general because you do not need the costs of R&D associated with say a ride like Top Gun or even a rather short coaster like an Intamin rocket coaster. Also, look at the footprint of the parking lot that is "blocked off". Whatever goes in has to have a very compact layout, and as far as coasters go it doesn't get any more compact than Premier's mad cobra layout.
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By bgwfreak
I've heard something about Cedar Fair canceling the order to move the rides.

Of course that's a rumor like the other rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.

We'll see what the future holds sometime soon I hope.

From screamscape:

2007 - New Attraction - Rumor - (7/18/06) I’ve heard a couple of rumors this week that indicate that the park may be preparing for a large new attraction next season. The first rumor claimed that the park may receive an indoor ride next year, possibly an indoor coaster of some kind. Then we’ve heard that the park has closed off and barricaded the parking lot area from the South Gate (Top Gun area) down towards the end of Thunder Road. They also reported that the entire South Gate seemed to be closed except for a temporary path for the Season Pass gate. Sounds like the South Carolina side of the park may be home to something big next year. Stay tuned.

Seems pretty vague.

First off the South Gate is closed during the week to save on staff. Nothing new.

I was out there Saturday and don't recall seeing any of the parking lot closed off.

Also sounds like they heard the rumor about Flight of fear.
By RollerBee
Actually they moved a fence about 100 feet into the parking lot so that guests couldn't get the Abyss parts before they were moved back into the waterpark. I noticed this eariler in the season. South Gate remains closed during the week but is Open Friday thru Sunday.
By coasterholic14
yea, all the barricadings of the south gate reported are only during the week b/c they close south gate (the one time i had a camera with me for some TG pics and i couldn't get past the zero-g roll to get pics from the far side of the coaster b/c it was blocked off)
By Footballteen58
Screamscape has a picture of markings. They say that they are in the park and behind Thunder Road...............Interesting maybe its the hyper Coasterholic thinks im obsessed with.
By Edwardo
According to 'People that Know', Paramount Parks was on the verge of a LARGE ride order (various rides, don't know what) just before the sale was announced. The couple people that informed me either didn't know if that went thru due to the sale or not, but one person pointed out that CFLP would be stupid to stop plans already made for next year, as that would make no sense.

Why not let already profitable parks get their already planned and budgeted for new rides?

Personally? I hope the 'Large Ride' starts with Huss and ends with Giant Frisbee. That would get me back to Carowinds a LOT more.
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By bgwfreak
^^ I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a gas line or something. lol

Can't wait to find out what it will be (if it is a ride).

Come on Max, we know you heard something by now. ;)
By Cephas
They're probably adding a bathroom or something. Talk about a crappy new ride. :rolleyes:
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By coasterbruh
If the "big" ride is anything comparable to the "big" boom bay expansion recieved this year, all I can say is that we are in for a treat! B)
By RollerBee
I know what they are adding in 2007, markers on the ground all over the park to add to the hyper fire. :lol: Sorry, I couldn't help it. I don't care what we get anymore, I have better things to worry about what Carowinds is getting in 07.
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By coasterbruh
Rumor has it that with the new addition of the mystery coaster at cedarpoint they are bring TTD to the carolinas and theming it to days of thunder, hence the station is gonna be near the action theater but they are gonna have it make an "L" shape turn out of the station to the launch. Also that is gonna spark a new theme make over for the county fair themed to nascar, hey it all makes sense now, other changes to that area im keeping tight lipped about beacuse I dont want my source scott to be in trouble. I think its a great move for the park I mean they already have days of thunder, the bumper cars that will get new shells to mimic stock cars and with the addition of face characters in racing suits walking around the park this will surely be a big hit!
By Footballteen58
^And it surely will not happen. Carowinds cannot build a Strata Coaster they are in a flight path.
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By coasterbruh
time will tell...remember there is already a structure over 300ft at the park...nothing a little premit cant resolve...
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