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By jeffdavis
Forgive me if it's answered elsewhere, but has anyone confirmed Copperhead Strike will have lockers and not cubbies? That speeds the line up significantly. I expect Fury-like dispatch times but with half as many riders per dispatch so the line should be moving slower. Dispatches might even be quicker since the crew doesn't have to check as many seats.

Thankfully I don't have a "wow that was a long wait" story to share. A few 2-hour waits is about it. I had a long one at Disneyland for Hyperspace Mountain in 2016 but don't remember the exact time.
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By yawetag
Lockers are being installed near the ride. I can only assume it's a no-items ride like Fury.

Edit: Carowinds has the following line for CS: "Loose articles that are not able to be stored in a cargo pocket are not permitted in line."
I went on opening day and went to Copperhead Strike right away, we only had to wait about 1 hour IIRC, but the line got a little longer and it may have been up to 2 hours or so. The weather was alright but if it was warmer that day it probably would have been even worse.

My longest wait was for Lightning Rod, about 4 hours, because it kept intermittently opening and closing due to storms.

Also had to wait about 3 hours for Maverick but it was closed down for part of that time. The longest wait I've had that was _just_ due to amount of people and didn't involve the ride being shut down was probably TTD or maybe something at Disney World when I was in middle school, nothing sticks out as being more than 2 to 2.5 hours.

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