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By cwgator
SeaWorld isn't trying to be Universal. They in fact know they can't be Universal. They however can still offer thrilling attractions for various age groups. If the next coaster is like Wave Breaker, it will fill the gap for family coaster the park is lacking. While Journey To Atlantis somewhat goes in to that category, most people see it as a log flume ride (while it is still a coaster).
Sorry did I say Jet rescue? I meant to say wave breaker. Forgot the name!
I thought the potter coaster and wave breaker were so similar.
They are both intamin family launch, one highly themed with unique elements, one that's not.
Coasterphreak wrote:To be fair to Universal, they spent a bit more money than CS cost... by about a factor of ten.

Oh, they released the numbers?
Went out to Dollywood today for the first time this season. I live between Dolly and Carowinds so I tend to alternate between the two when I’m not traveling. Thunderhead trackwork (drop and a-curve) felt very smooth. I have always loved Thunderhead and still do but look forward to see even more of the ride smoothed out in the coming seasons.

Wildwood is looking fine, coming together but looks like it’ll be close hitting May 10th opening as the Wildwood tree among a few other things yet to be completed. It’ll definitely look “Wilderness Pass” in appearance, lacking the high bar of shade and charm the older sections of the park provide but it’s a big addition for the park and an area the park needs.

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