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I took this photo from the TV screen hence the poor quality. But I wanted to let you locals know that the Charlotte Fair is back once again. This is the 2nd year at the new location, across from the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
^ They have the orbiter, chaos, fireball, wave swinger, yoyo, hang gliders, music express, graviton , drop tower and kiddie rides. Don't get too excited it's no the Florida state fair or the NC or SC state fairs. It's rather on the small country Fair type scale.
A little story here. Back in the 70's - early 2000's Charlotte had numerous carnivals set up in various shopping center parking lots around this time each year. As a kid, I equated Easter, with carnival time, lol. My favorites were at Starmount Shopping Center on S Blvd, and what use to be Zayre's at South Blvd and Woodlawn. They use to set up a Galaxy Coaster there. Then, in the not so distant past, gangs started causing troubles at some of the locations and several people got shot. That's when the city said NO MORE! Traveling carnivals were banned inside the city limits indefinitely. But Spring is a big time for traveling carnivals in the south. And although Charlotte no longer has the October Metrolina Fair, they have this Spring Fair which is nothing more than the same traveling carnivals they use to have in the city limits. This same fair will move on to another town when it leaves here.
There's another fair coming to Charlotte this year called the Carolina Fair. It will be open May 25th - June 4th. I believe this is the revamped fair that was located at the Metrolina Expo Center now being renamed and moved to Briar Creek Rd at the Park Expo and Conference Center by the Bojangles Coliseum. No website is available yet but they are on facebook.


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