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A new system is proposed for New York City

lol. Saying this is the equivalent of saying "A new wooden coaster is proposed for Carowinds" because someone on this forum posted it in the wish list thread.

Anyway, seems like it could be a solid addition for WDW, but they are quite expensive to build. Having a bunch of flat undeveloped land that you already own helps a lot, though.
It's difficult to say since it's so context-sensitive. There's not a lot of precedent. $3 million to $12 million per mile is what is often claimed, but like the hyperloop, personal rapid transit, and most theoretical ideas, it doesn't seem to have much grounding in reality.

The Portland, Oregon aerial tram cost $67 million in 2017 dollars for 2 stations to go 3,300 feet. That went over a freeway and a residential neighborhood, though, so you'd have to imagine one built through forest and parking lots on private Disney property would be considerably cheaper. The Emirates Air Line in London was around $81 million 2017 dollars for 3,600 feet and 2 stations. That one had water and a highway to cross, but no residential.

The Las Vegas monorail was around $193 million per mile in 2017 dollars, using similar technology to the WDW monorail, but again was a public project with a lot of right of way issues.

So you've got:
Portland Aerial Tram: $107 million per mile
Emirates Air Line: $119 million per mile
Las Vegas Monorail: $193 million per mile

So, a gondola is probably cheaper, but there are other factors at play, like the fact that they already have the maintenance facilities, knowledge, and parts for running a monorail, but none of that for running a gondola.
It might be more cost effective to build a parking lot to the west of Magic Kingdom and let people walk to the park. ;)

My biggest pet peeve with MK is being herded like cattle onto the monorail and having to take it to get to/from the park.

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