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The windows and doors for the ground level are done.
Total hours: 24
I've started adding the shingles to the roof individually. This is after an hour and a half.
Total hours of work so far: 35.5
After 6 hours today, the rest of the shingles are on the roof (except for the corner shingles). Each one was placed by hand with a pair of tweezers. Next I'll texture them with paint and some moss.

Total hours of work so far: 41
It's been a while since I've added to this thread.
But since then I have finished the house itself. Next I will make the landscape and build the display case. The house is 15 inches tall.
Total hours of work so far: 113 (yes I'm getting paid very well for my time spent)
Also, here is a playlist of all the time lapse construction videos:

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