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By hikernut79
So I haven't been to Dollywood in a long time and haven't ridden Wild Eagle, Mystery Mine or Thunderhead but the main reason I am planning a visit this fall is to ride Lightning Rod. Now I find out is has been closed for a while now with Screamscape reporting it may not be up the rest of the season. What gives? Why can't they get this thing running smoothly?
By brownpa68
I went Sunday July 29th with the intention of riding Lightning Rod for the first time. I was disappointed to find it closed. I did get to ride Firechaser for the first time and it was a great coaster. I hope they get Lightning Rod's issues fixed. I am planning on getting a season pass next year.
By dabrian
It's a great coaster when it's running but it's down way to much. Hopefully they can get it figured out with the apparent long term closure.
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By cwgator
In case anyone missed it...Lightning Rod reopened today!

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