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By shane235
Besides that, i am speculating that the 2016 "splash" might be a dive coaster. :mrgreen:
By hornet79
New to site but been following for a few months. I've grown up with Carowinds as my home park and could have never dreamed of anything like this. Can't wait for next year. I'm so excited I just can't stand it!!!
The seat belts kind of ruined Intimidator's efficiency, but at least with this ride, they will be trained with them already on the trains. Since Intimidator's crew was so used to the ride without it, when they added them, it just really messed up their game. With the new crew, there's nothing to mess up now because it's all new.
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By Prongfan
I'm glad it's not named Centurion. I never cared for that.
I love the logo!
I'm so excited for my little old park! Definitely renewing my pass.
I do think it's a water park project for next year, which I don't care for. I'd much rather them keep spending on coasters or flat rides.
Kineticmind wrote:After sifting through the press kit, I was able to find out the answer to the seat belt question.

"Design.... Fiberglass and steel coaches with lapbar restraints and interlocking seat belts."

Sorry for the bad news guys and gals.

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it. Email the report to me ASAP (and include pictures of EVERYTHING.)
By dwainw
I just noticed in the flyover video that the storage track area is not covered, just like on Intimidator 305. I always thought this was really odd at Kings Dominion. Is this a cost saving measure? I can't imagine that a cover over the storage area isn't helpful to Maintenance at the very least.
By intaminboy
Our capacity seems a bit low on this ride. Apollo's Chariot is said to have a capacity of up to 1,700 pph. Our coaster only has a capacity of 1,470. I wonder why they didn't use the 36 person trains like Apollo instead of the 32.
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