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By NxDfsnc
Yeah its all about how high youd reckon the bottom of the drop is, looks like 10ish feet.... but maybe it will be like leviathan and we will get all 325 feet of the drop

and looks like no seat belts.......
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By Jonathan
My understanding is that the plantation house has deteriorated into such a poor state that it is no longer salvageable without substantial investment. I am as sad about that as anyone but I suggest we save that discussion for tomorrow or at least a little later on today in a separate thread and focus right now on the fact that one of the largest roller coasters in history is about to be built in Charlotte.
By RollerBee
They are tearing down the Plantation House but yet the new gate appears to be in the same place. Max, overnight me a box of tissues. Atleast our maingate wont look as tacky as Cedar Point. We are getting the world's tallest traditional coaster!
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By Littlegiles
I have only been in Charlotte since 1996 and the changes here are amazing. I know that this means a lot to someone like me that is a transplant. I can't even begin to imagine what this kind of coaster and attraction changes must mean to someone that has lived her their whole life. What exciting changes.

This is really going to make this area a destination.
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By chknwing
anyone notice in the video it shows NC and SC state logos on the pavement in the entrance plaza? like each state has their own entrance. thats kewl.
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By Jonathan
I agree. Leviathan is an amazing ride but its only problem is that it ends a bit quickly. This is 1,200 feet longer. Carowinds has a #1 steel contender. Just let that sink in for a second. As someone who grew up going to the park, it's still hard to believe.
By Jetp
Exciting news. I haven't had a season pass in a few years and this announcement will justify buying one again. I work close to Carowinds so I can see myself hitting Fury 325 on my lunch hour and after work. Now the biggest decision is regular pass, platinum and do I add the meal plan?

Thanks Carowinds! Really excited to see what else you have planned for the park!
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