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By NxDfsnc
Chris wrote:
NxDfsnc wrote:crappy music at that :/....

Look, they might suck but don't you ever call Purple Rain crappy music. Ever!

Im purely talking about the talent, not the song lol no worries...

and its back...
cwgator wrote:There are over 9400 people viewing. About 2800 are logged in with accounts

The numbers are current / total views. currently 3100, but over 9000 have clicked the stream.
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By Jonathan
Chris wrote:OMG, 325 feet tall, 350 foot drop underground, top speed 99.4 MPH. 6,300 feet long! This! Looks! AWESOME!!!!!!

Trolling, but he's not that far off other than the underground huge drop part. 8)

Most users ever online was 227 on August 21st, 2014, 11:09 am

Holding steady.
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