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By Littlegiles
Only drink in my hand now is coffee, but work cell is on silent and my work status is currently "Busy, in a meeting". WOOHOO!! Love working at home.

Cheers all! It's about that time.
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By cwgator
I'm so excited! I have mu lunch sitting here in front of me and ready for them to start. The stream looks good but the audio is only coming through the left speakers...hmmmm. It also buffers every few seconds. It's gotten worse as more have gone on the site (I'm using the direct UStream. Well it's better than nothing since I wasn't able to go in person. I want to thank Jonathan for the invite and had I still lived in Charlotte I would have definitely gone! I will be there next season to ride this...and Intimidator...(and Carolina FINALLY!
By coaster129
Jonathan wrote:It happened.

Most users ever online was 154 on August 21st, 2014, 10:59 am

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By dianals
I have the stream going, but like others, the sound is very low. I plugged in my headphones to see if it would help. It's only coming through 1 side, but at least I can hear it better (if not a little annoying only hearing it on one side. :lol: )
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