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OK, I will admit. I am eating crow here. This is shocking me and 'IF' it is a standard (MF/Leviathan/I305) giga then I STILL say it makes little sense considering we do not have the traffic as the Toronto park does not to mention the other reasons several of us have mentioned when the giga thought comes up. IF it is a standard giga, I do hope it is not a I305 style because I am not a fan of pain and downtime. BUT, it still could be a launcher. Maybe a Dragster style but with more going on afterwards like a large over banked (MF style) turn with some hills or inversions? Maybe it is a giga dive machine or a giga wing coaster? We need to consider other possibilities here. Just curious on those kind of ideas or maybe other similar ideas?
I highly doubt it will be Intamin. I-305 has been pretty much a disaster on all fronts and the fact that they went with B&M for Leviathan after is telling. I wonder if this will run from the Drop Tower area back toward Thunder Road as I mentioned a couple pages ago that I thought they were considering for Intimidator.

While this is very exciting, it is kind of sad that all this info came out so fast and so early in the game. The months of speculation over Intimidator was a lot of fun on here.
- It's gonna cost around $30,000,000.
- It will be on the NC Side of the park.
- It will be at least 300 Feet Tall.
- it will reportedly be 'record-breaking' in some way.

That's really all we know, we don't know what kind of coaster it will be, who'll be manufacturing it, what record it is reportedly going to break, if it will replace any existing rides, or what year it will be coming.

Me, I just really hope its not boring like Leviathan's layout compared to one we already have, and one that won't give me a migraine and be all around painful like I-305. I'd be fine with a Dragster-esque ride or something more like Millennium Force, just so long as its fun and enjoyable and has a decent capacity.
Jonathan, Jerry Helms told me personally at CoasterStock that the original plan was to build Intimidator back there, and he convinced them to put it up front.

While it would most likely be a B&M Giga at this point, and I'm fine with that, I'd like to see a 300' something else, and until they announce it, it would be too early to rule out anything else. I'd love to see a 300' launched coaster. I'd really like to see a 300' RMC coaster built. A 300' woodie would definitely break a record, and I think they could totally pull it off.
Wow I am still in shock about this announcment :shock: This is pretty good news, I really hope its not an intamin though, but who knows... Leviathan did cost $28 million, so I think its more of a chance of being a B&M.. Maybe they will have new style seating, or something different. I still hope for a launch though just because I love launch coasters and I really really want one at carowinds :lol: I just dont see that happening, but I didnt think we would get something 300' tall either so... I am very happy about this announcment, I do agree though its very early for them to announce it, maybe they did so because they will start construction next year since the water slides will be starting this year... I highly doubt we will find out any other info this weekend, but maybe we could try to AT LEAST learn who the manufacturer is :D
^ HAHAHAH It still could be a wing from B&M... record breaking... tallest wing coaster.... and Gatekeeper did cost $30million.... So there is still a chance.... :D
Totally agree with recent comments. Let's stop assuming we will be getting another version of Leviathan. The 300' mention does not exactly mean it will be that height also. We still have lots to learn. If we do get a 300' B&M steel coaster then a wing coaster with the world's highest loop, maybe 175' or so would be interesting. Who knows, we have tons to be excited over.
Its actually not safe to assume anything :roll: Why would cedar fair care if they take a record from there flagship park? It doesn't matter. And just because it might be a giga doesnt mean Intamin will have to be the designer... its really hard to determine what type of coaster it will be and who will build and design or, or who has already designed it because I am sure that's already been in the works... It doesn't really matter to me at this point, I am just happy about all the improvements the park will be doing and the 300' coaster is just an added perk. I am excited about the new water slides next year and the new restaurants and hopfully new parking lots and entry plaza.... I am happy with whatever we get. I cant wait for more information to be released in the future and its going to be fun to speculate until then.... So who will be the first to do what they think is the new coaster in No Limits? :lol:
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