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bgwfreak wrote:Just a quick note, I heard from a supervisor that the queue is supposed to be opening at 9:00 AM tomorrow.

That's not official of course, but I feel pretty safe in saying it's true because of the source and who he was talking to.

Apparently I was in the background on WBTV's footage, but I couldn't find it on their video footage on their site.

The one time I don't bother to watch the news, I'm actually in there. :lol:

Oh yeah, I didn't get to speak to him but I was about 5 ft from the master himself, Walter Bolliger!

Yep! same here! Wish I could have had the chance to shake his hand...
Wow, this coaster is amazing, Even though I am only 13 this is totally my favorite ride of all time!! I rode it yesterday on opening day and i rode it 3 times!! and only waited about 10 minutes in line..!!
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