General Carowinds discussion
I had hoped they wouldn't cut down all the trees, and level the hill but it appears they will level the hill. Ironically, the first piece of the actual flume is the last remaining section.
hard to tell if they will or not it could go either way!i mean if they took down a ride im sure there not gonna loose any sleep about taking down a building
I imagine we'll see all those little buildings and that picnic area go. If they're not going to use that area for Scarowinds, why keep anything there :)

It'd be kinda neat if they used some of that area for the splashdown area....if there is one for the new RIDE...
I mean hey, the flyers were part of nick central expansion lol...

Jarvis "wouldnt mind a avatar themed hyper coaster" Morant
^ You need to update your sig, since you've been through the gates this year! Yes people! I got to touch Jarvis! Wait, that sounds weird.

Wow they got a lot done in a week!

I wonder if track, I mean ride parts will start showing up by June.
I really expect this construction to go into over drive at this point, if they are in fact building a King Island-ish type hyper. Granted because of the topography, Diamondback was likely a more complex construction, which took more time than a Carowinds coaster would be, especially if they utilize the parking lot. Somebody need to charter a plane and go fly over the B&M factory in Ohio and take some new pictures. Hopefully the yellow mystery track has been replaced with white, and in White Lighting Strikes Again. :idea: Oh, the things we enthusiast will come up with just to make it through the day. 8)
I think the area they have fenced off in the parking lot may be used for the helix or turn around point if it is in fact a hyper.

I noticed the park map on the website still shows the pond where the flume used to be, I wonder of they are planning on refilling it when they are done.
The map also shows some water under the lifts of the cobra, is this water actually there?
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