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By CCookieMonster
I know right! Haha! It looks like Winterfest preparation is going along pretty well. I just hope everything is ready unlike this year's opening day. I don;t think there will be any trouble getting everything done before Winterfest starts, but we're only 2 weeks away. Luckily, the temps will warm back up to around 70° by the end of the week and last minute operations can be done fairly quickly in the warm weather (I think).
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By carolinaman
Some more pics from Snapchat
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By cwgator
Looks like everything is going to look great. I wish I still lived in Charlotte so I could go. I tried talking the significant other to go since we plan on getting Platinum passes for 2018 and would get the free visit. However with work and then our other holiday obligations, it's just not in the cards this year.
By CCookieMonster
I wish I could go to Winterfest, I just hope it comes back next year. With all this work they're putting into it, it really should be back next year. The more they do it, the more exposure to it and sooner or later the whole country will no about it (if not already)!
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By gabed
I can't imagine this is a one-time thing, especially if profits are high. Word of mouth has been really good for it from what I can tell, honestly wouldn't surprise me if we see Scarowinds level crowds.
By uscbandfan
FamousAmos wrote:Scarowinds level crowds with half as many things to do.

All the more reason to build more stuff to do. :thumbup:

A hyper-hybrid coaster that can be run in the cold sounds good to me.
By Edwardo
I’d be very surprised if they get Scarowinds level crowds. They obviously aren’t expecting that, the past winter feats weren’t at that level, and scarowinds took at least a decade to get where it’s at now.
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By coasterbruh
Yeah i'm like :wtf: . How can you possibly have the same crowd level with much less to do. It's great to be optimistic but I think reality has to set in some time.
By jeffdavis
I predict large variations in crowd sizes depending on weather. On those 30 degree nights I expect a ghost town. On 55 degree nights I think you'll see a good crowd, but not a Scarowinds-level crowd. Time will tell.
By RollerBee
Y'all are killing me!

Winterfest 2005 was a ghost town until the week before Christmas then it picked up. Some of the busiest nights were the coldest, the days where it was raining or snowing(more so sleeting) were ghost town days. There were a couple nights that year that Winterfest didn't open because of snow or rain. There were a few nights also where the park closed early because of lack of people.

The forecasted low is 37 degrees Friday, see y'all this weekend!
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By coasterbruh
My GOD there really should be a word filter to change "2005" into something different.
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